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osteoarthritis in neck and dizziness

Please can any of you HELP my poor mum has osteoarthritis in her neck ..the bad pain is bad but the dizziness she gets with this far out weighs the neck pain . If she takes pain killers she dizzy / giddy or she doesent take pain killers she dizzy/giddy ..The doctor has said that she is stuck with the giddiness ...she has tried travel sickness pills prescribed by the doctor but these made no differance ... Please can anybody help .
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replied June 17th, 2008
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Hello Royalruby,

I would highly recommend that your mum seek the advice of another doctor. Pain killers only cover up the pain. They do NOTHING to correct what is wrong. PLEASE seek out the very best spinal surgeon in your area that you can find. Second, and yes third opinions are most important.

NO, your mum is NOT "stuck with the giddiness". I am not a doctor, but any doctor who would tell me that would make me run to see a better doctor.

I wish your mum the very best. Do let us know how things go.

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replied June 21st, 2008
From the description of your mum symptoms, you mum have chronic daily neck tension type. Chronic daily neck tension can be caused by many different diseases and can lead to occipital neuralgia, in your mum case, it seems that your mum is not only osteoarthritis ,but also suffering from "cervical facet syndrome" . there are several things that you need to beware: If your mum haven't had MRI cervical spine before, it's probably best to have it done to see if there's any nerve impingement or cord compression. When your mum have nerve compression in the cervical cord region, your mum may experience pain, dizziness,or numbness, tingling sensation, and weakness in her arm. A good neurological examination by a neurologist can identify those problems. Good luck!
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replied June 30th, 2008
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Zak, I am a little comfused here. Maybe you can help me out. I was under the impression that an MRI is insconclusive of nerve ending dimpigement. When I had mine done with and without contrast, the results amongst other things came back saying that L,5 looked to possibily be laying on a nerve. As if it were (as I said) an inconclusive diagnosis. I know the contrast can interact with most impairments but, I am confused on this nerve thing. I was able to recognize facet changes though. So, I did learn something from the MRI disc that my son had done. Also where the fluid had dried up was very identefiable.

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