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osgood-schlatters and patellofemoral syndrome

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i am a 16 year old male with a history of growth related knee pain: osgood-schlatters and patellofemoral syndrome. recently, i have another knee ailment: my left knee on the inside (medial) i have seen two pt guys and one orthopedist, both of whom physically examined my knee; none thought i had a mcl or meniscus tear. both my hips are internally rotated; i toe in while walking, biking, etc. i also have flat feet, but i wear custom orthotics. it first came while doing elliptical trainer--it was sharp, as if nails had been driven into it. it comes back when bike too much, or sports that requires pivoting on the knee. does NOT hurt to run briefly or perform squatting exercises (even with heavy weight).i do notice it a bit in my right knee, not really painful or in anyway debilitating (leads me to believe that it is perhaps not an acute injury--i can recall no specific trauma that may have caused this except. however, onset was quite sudden on the elliptical). it hurts morning after use

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