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Orgasms! Clitoral and Vaginal, Intercourse-Only, & Ejaculati

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Okay, I know most women can only have clit orgasms and most women never have orgasms JUST through intercourse without any other stimulation. But the women who are able to have vaginal orgasms through sex, without clitoral stimulation, do they always ejaculate? Basically one thing I'm asking is if a vaginal orgasm always results in a large amount of fluid.

I've started having a new orgasm "thing" goin' on! I'll use a little device if my fiance and I just want a quickie. After the first orgasm, which comes very quickly, I just have to "rest" for like 10-15 seconds, and then re-stimulate the clit area just using my hand, and have another orgasm. This all occurs while we're having sex in whatever position. I'll keep doing the rest-and-rub until I'm just worn out - maybe like 5-6 orgasms in a row. So the new "thing" is that sometimes one of these orgasms is extra, extra powerful, and then a sort of "rush" of liquid comes out and there's a wet spot on the bed. It can actually mess with the continuing intercourse because the liquid has no lubricant properties and is basically like water. It's also odorless. So what I'm thinking is that I'm having a vaginal orgasm that's being induced by a clitoral orgasm during sex, right?

So the women that claim to be having orgasms just from sex alone, is their clit actually getting rubbed up against the man's body in some way causing a clit orgasm, possibly leading to a vaginal one? Are they ever having vaginal orgasms JUST from penile-vaginal penetration, and no clit touching whatsoever? I want to know if vaginal in-and-out entry alone can cause an orgasm, and does a vaginal orgasm always cause ejaculation.

Any info appreciated!
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replied July 9th, 2012
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Being multi-orgasmic is relatively rare so clearly you are doing something right - possibly helped by some very good chemistry between you and your partner and you have also discovered you are a squirter which is something I know nothing about other than it is also something of a rare "gift"...

Depends on who you talk to about clitoral and vaginal orgasms. Masters and Johnson maintained the clitoris, far from being a small button was in fact a very large organ that encircled the vaginal entrance and continued into the vagina a distance of two to three inches and the small button is merely the visible part where the majority of the nerve endings are concentrated.
The remainder of nerve endings are distributed almost at random around the remainder of the clitoris with concentrations in various places in various women who experience a variety of sensations, depending on how their particular nerve endings are arranged...

Some women derive great pleasure from penetration and others none at all. A few can orgasm through penetration alone without any direct friction to the button (doggy fashion), though it can be argued the thrusting of the penis is likely to cause small tugging of the skin around the button...
It is interesting that some women can orgasm from a massage of the g-spot with just a finger, almost completely eliminating the possibility of any of the tugging the thrusting of the penis might cause and a few women will orgasm with a finger just inside the vagina without any effort to massage the g-spot...

The majority of women can orgasm only through direct friction of the external button and you are quite correct - those women who are of this type and who can orgasm during intercourse do so from contact with the man's body.

I have known women who can orgasm from penetration but who do not ejaculate. There is some controversy over what exactly is the female ejaculation. Squirting can perhaps be described as one sort of ejaculation but a survey carried out by either Playboy or Men Only magazine in the 1970's concluded some women produce copious amounts of natural lubricant that collects and pools in the vagina when she is on her back. Involuntary muscle spasm during orgasm can expel this fluid, sometimes violently, in varying quantities up to something like a tablespoonful...
There is a number of variables involved but women who experience this sort of involuntary spasm, it is said, have the best chance of achieving the much sought-after and valued simultaneous orgasm with their partner...

In conclusion it must be said different people are different and have different needs and different capabilities...
Different strokes for different folk!
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replied July 9th, 2012
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There are a number of studies about it. The first was done Princess Marie Boneparte, a distant relative of Napoleon. The next study was a study of studies, and it confirmed these results. Recently, a brand new study was started and they looked for participants until a few months ago. I have not checked how that study is progressing.

What was found was called the 'rule of thumb'. If the tip of the clitoris is closer than 2.5 cm from the vaginal entrance (the length of a thumb, so called 'the rule of thumb') you are almost guaranteed an orgasm from intercourse every time. If it is around 2.5 cm, you will sometimes get an orgasm. If it is further away than 2.5 cm, you have to provide extra stimulation like fingers, a toy or a changed sex position. The breakdown is that about 20% of women are under 2.5 cm, about another 15% around 2.5 cm and 65% over 2.5 cm.

This breaks down almost exactly to the statistics of women and their ability to orgasm from intercourse alone. About 20% of women can just orgasm without any effort. A further 10% will often orgasm without any effort. A further 20% of women found techniques and positions to make them orgasm during intercourse. The other 50% of women thinks it is normal not to orgasm, or are clueless about orgasms during intercourse. Of that 50%, about 10% are anorgasmic (10% of the total, not 10% of the 50%.. So 10% of all women never had an orgasm. Not from sex, oral, fingers or masturbation.after treatment, about 0.5% of all women can and will never reach an orgasm, no matter what.

So in summary, out of every 10 women engaging in intercourse:

2 will always orgasm without any effort
1 will orgasm frequently without any effort
2 willl figure out how it works, and get an orgasm regularly
5 will be frustrated or clueless about orgasms during intercourse

1 in every 200 women will never ever get an orgasm, even with help and treatment, masturbation or sex.

A recent development is the fact that the so-called 'g spot' is now thought to be the deep structures of the clitoral complex being stimulated through the vaginal wall. The little pencil eraser sized glans (head) of the clitoris that you see and feel is quite literally just the tip of the iceberg. It goes deep inside your body. Two bulbs run under your lips towards the anus, and two thin legs runs deep inside your body along the pelvic bone. The internal structures are around 15 cm (or slightly longer).
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replied July 10th, 2012
Okay. I'm part of the "2 will figure out how it works, and get an orgasm regularly" crowd. Stimulation necessary, so I'm over 2.5cm, part of the 65%... dammit. haha. I knew my situation was common, which is why I'm so mystified by these women having orgasms just through sex alone, and no clitoral touching.

A very close friend of mine has never had an orgasm, and has a very uptight, goody-goody personality. She's not a very relaxed type of person. It's an uncomfortable topic. I think a lot of times it's a physical problem, but I'm betting most of the time it's mental/emotional. I can't even imagine!
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replied July 10th, 2012
Verne, Thank you. So much information! Wow. So basically, it comes down to... all women are different, but what's known as common is the simple clitoral orgasm, while on the rarer side is stuff like multiple in-a-row orgasms, ejaculation, and penetration-only orgasms. It's interesting that some women could have clitoral-like nerve endings on the inside. I wish I was able to have penetration-only orgasms, but alas, I am not.

Regarding my "rare gift", haha, without any gadgetry it takes a LOT of movement and time for me to reach orgasm. It's definitely not an easy process, and I've often wondered if I have low sensitivity or something. I've only recently realized that the ability to keep going with more and more orgasms is not typical. It almost makes me think women aren't attempting to keep going for another one even though they should (?). The resting period I mentioned is because the area is SO sensitive, but after just a few seconds you can stimulate it once again and have another clitoral orgasm. It's so normal to me that it seems like maybe women aren't trying due to sensitivity (?). I have no idea. I just can't imagine the feeling of just one at a time. It actually seems sorta "wrong". Masturbation, foreplay, sex, etc. I always at least go for three.
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