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Oral surgery at 10:30am this morning.. serious question here..

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yeah, hello everyone.. I have a question for anyone that is willing to answer my question or questions.

I have oral surgery this morning at 10:30 am - to say the least, I'm a little anxious but thats normal and I realize that. However, the oral surgeon told me not to drink or eat anything after 12am (midnight) the night before the surgery.. which was last night. Well, I fell asleep well before 12am.. I fell asleep around 10pm or so. However, I got up this morning around 4:30am - not thinking at all.. like a moron.. and I drank just a few sips of Coca-Cola because my mouth was extremely dry. Rolling Eyes

So, with my surgery coming up in exactly 4 and a 1/2 hours (its 6am on the dot now) I am worried that I messed up by doing this and I'm afraid that the surgeon won't want to do it now because I drank something. I'm completely aware of the dangers of drinking or eating something so close to surgery time.. but again, I wasn't thinking at all when I took the few sips of Coca-Cola.

I plan on calling them this morning whenever they open and explaining to them what a moron I am.. and what I did. I haven't eaten anything and don't plan on it as I'm really hoping that I didn't screw everything up by taking those couple of sips of the Coca-Cola.

Anyhow, I guess my question here is, is will they still do the surgery knowing that I took a few sips of Coca-Cola? I swear I didn't mean to do it.. but I know that doesn't take away the fact that I did.. but at the same time, I just want to get the surgery over with.

So.... can anyone help me with this??

Oh and one other thing.. I'm on 80mgs of methadone. Can they do the surgery even with the methadone in my system? The nurses at the methadone offices (i asked them this morning when I went to get this mornings dose) said that I should be alright.. but I plan on making sure of this with the surgeon when I call them to tell them about the accidental sips of the Coca-Cola.. but I was wanting others opinions on this. Thanks.


P.S. - I repeat, my surgery was planned for this morning at 10:30am central time. So any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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replied August 30th, 2012
This is late but... How did it go?
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