for the past few days i've had a tingling, slightly itchy sensation below the left side of my lip.
My paranoia makes me think, oh, it's oral herpes.

however, my logical side is saying it's probably allergies or something. I did get congested, soar throat and runny nose shortly after the first day of tingling. Also, no sores inside our outside my mouth.

is there any merit to my paranoia or is it just that, paranoia?

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replied May 2nd, 2013
Cold sores answer and question
From my experience I would say paranoia is just getting the better of you, I've been getting cold sores since i was about 13 y/o (I'm 22 now) and generally the tingling is soon followed by a small bump and sore will develop within 36 hrs...

I have a question for any other people experiencing cold sores:
I have been using dynamiclear rapid formula which is a single application formula that clears the sore within 5 or 6 days, however ever since I started using the product my outbreaks have been so much more regular, as in 1 every 6 weeks in comparison to one every 2 years before I started using the formula, I ask; has anyone else experienced this? its beginning to get really annoying with such common outbreaks
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