So my jaw has been out of place for about 4 or 5 years now. I tried using the mouth guard my dentist gave me but I got fed up with it because it wasn't doing anything after a month or so.

So It's bothering me now because when I talk my mouth is crooked & when I look in the mirror I see that my jaw alignment is out of place.

Is it too late to work with it since it's been 4 or 5 years? What can I do exactly to get this looked after?
I also experience almost no pain at all. It just clicks when I open my mouth too wide.

Would seeing a chiropractor help at ?
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replied May 8th, 2009
i am 23 years old. mine is 3 years old now on both jaw. I feel the same or similr things you feel.
I can only suggesting that u try to take it easy on the month and mind, don't open ur mouth too wide to make a clicking sound.

I was total losing it when facing the TMJ for 3 year, but i think that everyone body will adjust to the change of it. (i believe it will heal it self more or less and eventhough may be not completely)

but i am sure one day you will find ur comfort zone and less pain or ur mouth.

everyone who have tmj is not exactly the same. I can only suggest you that try to avoid any kind of surgery because adding or remove dics, bone or whatever you will have doctor done on ur body, then if u not lucky ur body might not be able to bear or adapt with the change especially the change that come unnatural (surgery for example)

i been obssess about my jaw is pop and click for 3 year now
however, i now i realize i dont need to surgery nor to open my month that wide to talk or eat.

I feel less depress and less annoy when i stop worry and stop thinking and stop trying to make a pop-click of my jaw to remind me of mistake i made.

I found that finding something else to do and trying to be in a relationship help me a lot to take my mind, body, soul away from the tmj i have.

sorry, i may not answer ur question directly but i can suggest that you trying to avoid from all kind of surgery. i read so many tmj case in this form, and seem like most ppl who have 2-6 tmj operation and it only getting worse for most of them. so be carefully on whatever u want to with it.

but for me my TMJ problem is end today!
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replied May 10th, 2009
Shimmycoco, it's never too late -- in fact, don't delay in addressing the problem, even though it can be frustrating. Chiropractors can be wonderful for back problems, but not for TMJ disorder and jaw misalignment. Search online for a better splint, and be sure not to get the soft kind, which can make matters worse.
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