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opinions of pain relief labor postpartum

Im 36 weeks pregnant and starting to get nervous about the pain of labor. i have a HUGE fear of needles and also know of two women who suffered severe migraines after having epidurals theirselves so while i am going to keep that option open (im a complete weeny when it comes to pain) i was curious about other pain relief options and would greatly greatly greatly appreciate any and all advice from you mothers out there! demerol? nubain? what were your experinces like during labor? also, what kind of pain relief options did you have for the postpartum period? my sisterinlaw was prescribed tyelenol 3 because she was so swollen 'down under' that she could barely pee!
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replied April 3rd, 2009
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I suggest water. We had a huge birth tub in our living room. My hubby boiled water to keep it warm for me. The water was a life saver! I wish I could be of more help. But it hurts really bad, I wont lie. I thought I would die. JUst have your options open and focus. Focus on the fact that your body is doin what its supposed to and try to not have fear. Thats what stalled my birth and preventing me from delivering at home...I was scared.

But if you can use warm water. You can use your bathtub or order a pool like we did. I had bladder prolaspe and my inner labia literally split in two. So I needed percocet postpartum. I was in tremendous pain. But again the warm water helped.
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