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Open Wound/Abrasion on Penis skin?

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Hello, not really sure what forum to post this is, but I'll try this one Smile. I am having a problem with the skin on my penis. About a week ago, I used Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg's) to try and treat a bump on my penis. I applied it to a cotton swab, bandaged it, and left it on overnight. The next day, the skin where the vinegar had touched was red and painful. The skin was peeling off in some places. In one particular place, there was a strip of dark purple skin that "fell off" when I poked it. Underneath, there was what looked like a white base with veins/blood around it. It looked like a somewhat open wound, but instead of blood and red tissue inside the wound, it was white and somewhat bloody. I assumed this was the subdermis (sp?) or something, disinfected it with rubbing alcohol, bandaged it and let it be.

Now, about a week later, most of the skin around the wound has healed, but it still appears as a white base surrounded by somewhat raised, pink skin. It is not painful whatsoever, unless poked or squeezed. I have been applying antibiotic cream to it and bandaging it every day, and when I take of the bandage there is a whitish/yellow stain on the gauze (appears to be pus, maybe). This whitish "covering" appears over the wound if I leave it for a day or so, but it "falls off" if touched or dabbed at. I have been very careful to keep the wound clean, so I hope it is not infected. In the past few days it has reduced in size, but it is not scabbing over and shows no real signs of healing, other than getting a bit smaller.

There is a hair follicle that appears to be dark purple in the middle of this open wound kind of thing. It is painful when I pull on the hair (haha).

Any advice on diagnosis or treatment is very much appreciated, and thank you for dealing with my graphic description of this thing. Please ask for any more information.
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