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Open Sores on Labia

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i found 3 open sores on my labia...there is no chance it could be herpes...hey are open holes..only hurt if i touch them...its weird...someone plz help me!!!!
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replied May 21st, 2010
Open sores are always suspicious for herpes. Unless you are a person who has never had genital or oral sexual contact with anyone OR the only person you have had contact with has never had any kind of sexual contact with anyone else there is ALWAYS a chance of herpes. To make things even more confusing if you or a partner carry the type one herpes virus that usually causes cold sores it can also cause genital lesions. It can spread with oral genital contact or even by hand to mouth to genital contact.
The only way to know for sure if you have either type one or two herpes virus is with a specific blood test HSV IGG for each type. 80% of people who carry the viruses don't know they have them and can remain without symptoms for years or sometimes life long but can still infect other people.
Herpes genital sores are usually painful when touched or peed on. They can look kind of depressed like a crater and usually have kind of a blister appearance and then kind of scab and then gradually heal. Go see your health care provider and get checked out.The blood test is very accurate unless it's a new infection. It can take up to 4 months to form antibodies that show up in the blood that cause a + test. Hope this helps.
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