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2 Opacities and 1 nodular density in right lung

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Hello Doctors,
I was diagnosed with a clival Chordoma 4 years ago and subsequently had brain surgery and Proton Beam Radiation. Right before I went into surgery the doctors had me do a CT scan of my Chest, abdomen, and pelvis with iv contrast and the kind you drink, to rule out "metastic disese." I am a female and I just turned 25, but I was 20 when I was diagnosed(youngest known with this type of Chordoma). I never heard of this test again, until I was shuffling through old records looking for a pathology report. I found the CT report instead and it said that, within the right lung, I had two vague opacities near the minor fissure about 3mm in diameter, and a 4mm nodular density within the right middle lobe. The report suggested that I follow up in 3 months, but I had never heard about this.
Should I be scared? What could this be? They told me that the lungs were the most likely area for my cancer to metastacize, are there reasons they wouldn't tell me about it? What should I do?
(FYI, in case it matters, I just recieved a copy of my records for the first time not to long ago because a nurse suggested that I do so. The place where I had my surgery will be closing down and is destroying records over 5 years old. So, it is not like I had a copy all of this time and just didn't read it.)

Thank you for any advice you can offer.
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replied October 6th, 2009
Did they do a Pet scan of your lungs?
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