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only pass thick yellow discharge

Only 2 days bleed after taking medical abortion (cytotec)

I had a medical abortion when i was 7 weeks pregnant. I took 2 meterghine orally after 2 hours i took 2 cytotec vaginal. After 5 hours i feel something in my underwear it was like a jelly with brown blood then red blood came out and then spotting only. After 4 hours the bleed was so heavy and pass 2 small clots and then 1 big large cloth the bleed was heavy for 3 hours and pass another 2 medium size clots. After that the bleed was lessen the following day i only spotting brown blood. Then tottaly stop the bleed on 3rd day. I feel relief but i doubt if my abortion was successfull its been 11 days now since my abortion done i only pass thick yellow discharge minimal. The symptoms are gone but still i have heartburns and fast pulse rate. Im very confused right now is my abortion successfull?
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