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Only one ovary working ?

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Hey everyone just wanted to ask a quick question:

For the last seven or eight months my period has been going on and off; meaning one month it will be fine and then the next month it will stop. It''s very consistant (no irregular bleeding or anything) and I can always expect that if it didn''t show up one month, it will show up the next. However, what worries me is that I was extremely regular before all of this happened. Because I''m only 19 my mom thinks it''s just because of hormonal changes but I disagree with her. 1.) Unlike most teens/young adults I am not stressed out in the least 2.) My hormones seem fine until I get around the time I''m about to have my period (typical PMS) and 3.) My period is consistant and regular every other month so I highly doubt it''s due to hormones.

Another thing that worries me is that I''m not normally one to get cramps (though I am a heavy bleeder) when I DO get cramps I have to immediately take 4 Tylonel Extra Strength pills because within about 10-20 minutes I KNOW the cramps will be so bad I wont even be able to walk. I even had to leave school early one day this year because I felt it coming on so quickly(Driving home that day was NOT fun!). Usually when this happens it happens suddenly, with no warning, and the pain is quick to intensify as the minutes pass.

Needless to say, I was talking with my friend Anne about it and she said that maybe one of my ovaries wasn''t working. She said that ovaries switch off every other month and, since my period does that, maybe one isn''t functioning right. She suggested I go to the doctor and get birth control pills to help regulate it. I wasn''t too thrilled about that answer because 1.) I want BOTH of my ovaries to work and 2.) I''m against taking bc pills (this is just an issue I have with me--when other people take them I''m fine with it. Weird I know =/).

Anyway, I was hoping someone had a similar story and could help me with this? I don''t want to have to go to the doctor (my mom just recently lost her job and we''re short on extra money) but I''m concerned about this, especially since I''m not even out of my teens yet. So is Anne right or do you know if it''s something different?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thank you! ^L^
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replied June 21st, 2010
me too!
yes! omg, I have had exactly the same issues. I am 21 now and have consistently been having my period about every 2 months. Along with this I have extreme cramps where I cannot do anything but sit and scream and usually end up throwing up from the pain. I went to see a gynecologist about it and all she suggested to my was birth control pills. I am extremely wary of the health and hormone effects of the pill so I want to avoid taking it if I can.

My mom suggested a few natural options to me, which my gynecologist was very patronizing about. My mom suggested I take a premenstrual vitamin pill that you can buy at any natural food store. Along with the premenstrual pill I also began using a little bit of progesterone cream for a few days to a week before I expected my period to come.

This helped immensely! I am not so much worried about getting my period every two months because as long as it is consistent I am fine with it. But it helped to prevent the pain so much!!! I am so happy that this worked for me and when I read your post I felt like I had to let you know about it. I just have very little cramps with my period now and it is like a dream. I am so happy about it. I hope you will try this!!
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