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Only getting periods after intercourse

I am wondering if it is physically possible to only get your period after intercourse? For the last few months, (as we have a toddler) intercourse is few and far between. I found that the last two months.. I panic as I think my period is late... by five or six days! And, then (I tested this last month) we had sex, and the next morning aunt flow was knocking at my door. Is this normal? When should I be concerned?
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replied December 7th, 2013
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It is certainly possible that an orgasm can start your flow. The contractions through your uterus when you orgasm is more or less what you experience as painful cramps before your period. So the orgasmic contractions can start that.

It is also possible that you are more horny before your period starts, and that is why you seek out sex then.

How do you experience these periods? Normal moods, flow, cravings, emotions, amount, pattern? How far apart are they and how is that different from before?
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replied December 8th, 2013
I've been having this "issue" (not really a huge issue, but I'm always scared my period is 'late') for about five months. Today I'm "2 days late" and expecting that if we get down to business that tomorrow morning aunt flow will be knocking at my door. I'm really, really, really easily agitated, and I have been crying at the drop of a hat every month for almost TWO weeks before my period. And chocolate. Chocolate cake, chocolate brownies, anything........... And NOPE, I'm not preggo. Took the test a couple weeks ago... And my periods are generally 30 days apart (if we have intercourse) .. if not, it's varied.... Is it possible to just have to much estrogen?
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