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online quizes say that im in dangerous zone but...

im 23 years old ,,iget married 3 months ago imet my husband 2 months before the weeding it was arainged marriage ,,he is awsome but the problem is that iwas in arelastionship with some one else for 5 years and things didnt work out between us and my ex- hurt me in every possible way,,in the last year we come back and broke like 5 times and that def- effected my mental health,,im pretty sure that i have depression all the online quizes say that im in dangerous zone but idont know how to fix my situation ,,my husband is not with me he works in adiffrent country ,,im just really depreesed all ithink about i the day that im gona die and life doesnt mean no thing for me any more,,what should ido??
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replied February 27th, 2012
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O don't understand how you can be married but live in different countries. To me that is NOT a marriage and one of you must move if you want it to work.

I would suggest all or most of your problems and feelings relate to that and your ex returning again and again.

What will you doi next time he tries again, as he will?

You could go see a doctor and get a referral to a talk therapist but I think you know what the problem, and answer, is already. Don't you?
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