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Ongoing neck and throat pain

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Hi there! I have been having an ongoing problem with my neck, and now most recently my ears...I'll sum it up point form.

March 09:
A virus went through our house, coughing, sore throat were the major symptoms. I had a bad sore throat which caused actual pain in my neck (from collar bone to jaw) that felt like someone had hit me with a sledge hammer.
Virus went away after about a week and we carried on.

April 09:

I woke up one morning with an extremely swollen (about the size of an orange) gland on the right side of my neck. It was extremely sore to touch and I could not turn my head.
I went to a walk in clinic and he took some blood tests, put me on Biaxin and sent me home. He wanted to see me in a week.

I started taking the Biaxin but had a very strange experience in which I almost fainted, got extremely sick, and panicky. I am later realizing it is possible that this was a stress related reaction, however at the time I asked to be switched medications just to be sure.

I felt extremely sick from the Amoxicillian that I was prescribed and stopped taking anything until I could see my regular Doc. The gland by this time and went down in size about 60%.

My doctor ordered an ultrasound, tests for mono, thyroid etc. My previous blood test came back apparently "fine" and my second blood test was also fine.
My ultra sound showed a change in cystic colloid activity in the neck. My doctor explained that this meant that there was some cysts in the neck, but they were small and he did not think this was abnormal. They didn't see a problem with the original gland which had not gotten any bigger.

End of May 09

By this point I had went some time feeling okay, however from time to time I would notice that the pain in my neck area would return and I would have the occassional sore throat that lasted a small amount of time.

June 09

I noticed that it hurt above my collar bone area, on the left side whenever I cough, clear my throat, etc. Almost feels like something is broken but I have no injury. There is no lump there.
I have had constant sore, dry throats at this point, and started getting pain in my ears which eventually led to alot of pressure and ringing in the ears which gets pretty bad sometimes.

I can't stress enough the pain my neck and throat go through. It is not enough to disrupt normal activities but has gone on long enough that I am concerned.

I am also starting at this point to notice that I am getting heartburn/reflux on a regular basis.

July 09

No ease up in symptoms. I went to my doctor who said that he does not know what to think, my throat looks fine, tonsills are slightly enlarged but not abnormal, ears are okay. Gland that was originally swollen is about 85% smaller and is movable so they are not concerned.

He suggested going to an ENT which I accepted but have not heard back.

**What I am wondering is what the heck this is, could this be an ongoing infection, cancer, something to do with the original virus months ago? I have even read that people can go into "septic shock" from blood poisoning as a result of untreated infections.

Someone even told me it was HIV - which made me wonder if that was a sypmtom, I had a test when I was pregnant and it came back negative and have only had one partner since then....chances are pretty slim...

Something else I should mention is that I have NO other symptoms other than those associated with my seasonal allergies, not sure how that ties in. My mother is convinced that we have mold in our house (we do have some water issues) and that I am experiencing symptoms related to that)

I am starting to get concerned...and even more scared when I see how the endoscopy is done...I don't want to be put to sleep to shove a camera down my throat but I feel it is the only way to check something at this point.
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replied December 7th, 2009
Neck and Throat Pain

I am having the exact and I mean exact issue. I cannot get a doctor to even hear me out. Today, I saw a doc who felt my throat and thought it was normal. The front side of my throat is sore to the touch. The inside is achey and uncomfortable. My ears hurt deep inside but no infection. I cannot put my contacts in my eyes.. the pressure is too much. I have pain in my head and I can feel hard notted lymph nodes... The doc doesn't feel them... I am miserable. What did you ever find out?
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replied December 9th, 2009

Not sure if this will show, but I am the same person as above - forgot my account info lol.

Anyways, I ended up going to an ENT who did a Direct flexible laryngoscopy.

He said that he did not see anything of concern other than some very large "cryptic" tonsils, and some post nasal drip - likely from my allergies.

To tell you the honest truth I got absolutely no where with doctors, and this caused me much stress and grief. That in turn made my condition MUCH worse.

In time, I tried to reduce my stress, and treat my allergies which gave me relief.

It has been almost a year since the first virus that caused the infection in my lymph node and the node is still not completely gone...but doctors have felt it and said that it is quite common.

The majority of my symptoms are gone, and I am feeling much better.

Honestly though, you need to keep pursuing this with a different doctor - your symptoms sound a bit like mine, but I don't want to say what I think because it could be something entirely different.

I am assuming for me that the majority of my problem was related to allergies, as it has passed and I am feeling better. Stress makes many of them worse - so try to relax and go get yourself a doc who will do ALL the tests you need done!

Good luck!
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