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ongoing daily headaches

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It all started back in January 2008. I started with tooth sensitivity and pain. I then began having daily general headaches (no identifable radiating point). The headaches would usually start after being awake for several hours, though I sometimes wake up with a headache.

I have had several crippling migraines since it all started, all radiating pain from the left or right temple (sometimes both). Heat seems to help the pain.

I suspect the pain is associated with TMD/TMJ (temporomandibular disorder) as I do have an imperfect bite. Though at 24 years old I find it odd the pain just started out of no where (no accidents, or trauma to the face, etc...)

I exhibit pretty much all the symptoms of TMD/TMJ, including having ringing in the ears at one point, occasional popping/crunching sounds in the jaw.

I have seen several GPs, dentists, an otrtho, etc... They all suggested my pain was possibly caused by my 4 impacted wisdom teeth (though possibly TMD as well). I have since had them removed and the headaches have still perisisted with the same pattern/frequency/pain.

I am getting very concerned that something more serious may be overlooked and of course having daily headaches I am worried about a brain tumor.

I have looked up brain tumor symptoms and the only one I exhibit is the headache (no seizures, tingling sensations in extremities, nausea and vomiting, etc...).

The various pains (headache, jaw pain, temple pain, tooth pain) seems to happen all together or with various combinations of symptoms. Sometimes just the left side is affected, other times right, and then sometimes both sides.

Any feedback would help put my mind at ease while I wait for the bureaucracy of healthcare to get me the proper tests.

I assume if it was a brain tumor that after 3 1/2 months some of the symptoms would have got worse (though my headaches seem less intense, but just as frequent now. I have not had a migraine in 6-7 weeks either).

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replied April 18th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
Have you visited a dentist that has specialized in treating TMJ disorders?
Have you been examined with X-ray for your TM joint?

TMJ disorders can cause and mimic all kinds of headaches.
It can cause headache and pain in face, jaw, neck and shoulders.
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replied July 20th, 2008
Ongoing daily headaches
Dear Headache always,
Have you had your gums checked for periodontal disease? If you have a deep infection in your gums it will cause all of the above symptoms. Especially tooth sensitivity and pain. Do your gums bleed? I had a patient who had migraines and after I did deep cleanings on her with anesthesia her migraines were resolved and never bothered her again. She never has any sensitivity of tooth pain anymore. Since you said you have a bad bite (malocclusion) that contributes to building more plaque and harder for you to cleanse those areas contributing to gum disease.
Therefore, make sure you don't have anything going on with your gums. Secondly,
you could also have a TMJ problem as well and you could be grinding your teeth in your sleep (nocturnal bruxism) so you need to get a biteplate, which is a hard plastic mouthpiece, you can wear when your sleeping. This will help alleviate pain onto your dentition and preserve your teeth. It is very important to be screened for Periodontal disease and get that infection out of your mouth. The research links uncontrolled Periodontal disease to 2X more likely to get a heart attack and 3X more likely for a stroke, besides it destroys the bone which holds your teeth intact and once you get bone loss you can't get it to grow back.
Don't think you have a brain tumor when all the signs are telling you its related to your teeth.
Good luck!
Teresa A
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replied July 27th, 2008
putting your mind at ease a little
I'm not a doctor and i know nothing about your medical condition....But, there are a lot of people out there (including myself) that don't have tumors and live with daily migraines. I have had a non-stop migraine since last 28 years old and a new's not something i ever thought i'd have to deal. Good luck. I wish you pain feel days.
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