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One testicle affect testosterone levels ?

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Since birth I have always had only one kidney and one testicle. Having one kidney has never bothered me, but throughout my life so far I have constantly felt concerned about the fact that I have only one testicle. I often wonder whether it accounts for my general lack of self esteem or my general shyness, and at the age of 17 I have come to realise that I am in some areas less developed than other boys of my age. Other boys tend to be taller and capable of growing a fair amount of facial hair. In social situations I tend to feel almost childlike, which I feel has damaged me mentally in my life so far. The main point of this post is that I am genuinely concerned about my height and maturity, and I wonder whether or not I will ever properly mature.

I appreciate that this post is quite vague, but I would really appreciate some sort of advice or any sort of encouragement really.

Thank you for reading.
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replied April 27th, 2013
Dude dont worry about it I lost my testicle at 14, I am 36 and am married with 3 kids. Your test levels shouldn't be effected the one just works twice as hard but the extra work doesnt hurt it. They have fake testicles if that's what your worried about, they feel real enough both(married twice)my wives said they couldn't tell. I felt exactly like you dude I was shy, insecure and I felt like people wouldn't think I was a real "man". But no one really cares they have their own problems and for the few that do screw em what do you care.
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