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One swollen node lead to more symptoms. Is it possibly Lymphoma?

A few days ago I noticed I had a little soft lump on the right side of my neck so I googled it and found that it was probably my lymph nodes. At one point in my childhood I remembered having to have them checked because they thought there was reason for concern but found nothing.

The most common cause I found was infection and I am highly prone to throat infections however there is little sign of infection in my throat. My tonsils always swell first and get the little white yucky balls on them, as well as a sore throat/ cough/ fever/ ect. None of these symptoms are present.

A year or so ago I had a throat infection that was so severe it left some of my glands, mostly the ones under my toungue (chin,) permanently a little harder. They feel a little like ball bearings when I feel under my chin. I thought maybe that might have some affect on my glands but have never experienced any other complications.

I have had headaches but not regularly. I do experience a little bit of night time "hot flashes" but I usually get the "hot in the face" feeling at night anyway, however last night after I went to bed it felt as if the immediate area around the swollen gland was very hot. After an hour or so my whole face felt flushed. Eventually my scalp had the same burning sensation, which turned to sensitivity, then slight pain. I checked all the other areas where lymph nodes are to my knowledge like my groin, armpits, and legs to find they too were hard but not as enlarged.

They were still a little warm to the touch when I woke up but all the burning feeling had passed and any pain in my head was gone. With time and work the temp rose again starting at my neck, the tenderness turns to temporary pain when I strain my neck too much, and my muscles and joints ache, but still no other signs of infection.

I must say though, I am the biggest hypochondriac I know, so I am trying to figure out if this problem with my glands is in fact serious or not without having to go to the doctor. I have no insurance to cover any of the tests they will run and honestly I have a horrible phobia of hospitals.

Any information, websites, opinions, or answers will be greatly appreciated!
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