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One pupil larger than other

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Hello all. Hopefully you'll be able to help me figure out what's up with my eye... To be honest, I'm not 100% certain how long this has been going on for sure, but I do know that I first noticed it this past September. The pupil in my right eye, especially in dim lighting, is always bigger than the right one. In normal or bright lighting, the difference is fairly minimal and you only notice if you're specifically looking for it but when lights are dim (or if I wear a hat with a brim on it that casts a shadow over my eyes), the difference is markedly more noticeable. The dilation doesn't cover the entire iris, but it does get pretty large. Aside from this, for over a year now, I've noticed a graying spot in the middle of my vision on that side, along with blurring around it, as well as some dizziness that comes and goes, especially when in a crowd with a lot of people moving around in all directions (this is where I've noticed the dizziness the worst) or when watching TV and there being fast moving objects or scenes on the screen. Other than this, the pupil DOES react to light, including if I shine a flashlight in the opposite eye (I forget where I read about this test but I tried it just to see), if this is at all relevent. A few times I've felt some minor pressure or VERY mild pain either behind the eye or when staring upwards or far to one side or the other, but this has been rare, and I thought at the time that perhaps it was a sinus issue or allergies. I'm only 24 (well, 25 next month), on no medications whatsoever, don't do any drugs or drink... What could cause this? I'm beyond freaked out that this may be a brain tumor. The only reason I haven't seen a doctor yet and it's gone on this long is because I currently have no insurance and am not entirely sure what to do, no matter what the situation is with my eye. The really disconcerting thing to me is not knowing whether it's a problem in my brain or in my eye, and whether or not I might die from this in either scenario. Does anybody have any clue?
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