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Onderdonk and the dark matter.

Onder, I was wondering if you could tell me anything about dark matter.

All that I know is that it is invisible to me and apparently can go right through me, which kind've freaks me out after realizing that spirits can do the same. Why, you might say there would be a whole nother world out there, even right in front of us.

What would you happen to know about dark matter?

The reason that I am asking is because a video I was watching mentioned how the shamans of very long ago knew about dark matter and you've mentioned shamanism before, a very interesting subject at least to me anyway.
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replied November 5th, 2011
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as i walk slowly, through bullet rain
hey oops again the dark matter was a big deal for me about twenty years ago. I no longer believe in it. Interesting story. I used to listen alot about the dark matter, 20 years ago when they came up with the concept. they said the galaxies would spin apart, there must be something holding them together that must be invisible but must be 90 percent of the universe, and the spinning galaxy itself that we can see just ten percent of the universe, based on the mass and the way it behaves. So that was the general belief out there among scientists. And of course the experiments began, both inside the "tokemaks" - the superconducting supercollider under CERN in France and outside the border of france, a giant ring, well they look at what happens when an atom smashes in there and you know what they still can't find? they can't find the dark matter, and they can't find the "graviton", either, the imaginary particle that explains the force of gravity. And they do other experiments to look for dark matter - at, a mirror I use for arXiv, the receptacle for all astrophysics articles to be peer-reviewed, they often review the state of all dark matter experiments. Alot of hope went into the deep-in-the-ground wells of heavy water, that they hoped would catch a few dark matter particles. What they actually do catch that way are neutrinos, but no dark matter has ever showed up in anybody's dark matter experiments.

But great concept, and there must be something to explain the invisible force holding things together. As a young schizophrenic listening to "Entombed"the dath metal band's "Wolverine Blues" album, they sang about the hollowman walking slowly in the "bullet rain", and for a long time I imagined I could FEEL the dark matter acting on my blood and mind, as it pushed down, the weight of the universe on my shoulders. I imagined there were four times of the year that the dark matter would hit a peak, and then ease off again, that these were the points where the earth was at the, oh what do you call that day the egg is supposed to stand on it's end - the equinox - yeah, the dark mater was heaviest at the equinox.

So for a while, I, too, believed in the dark matter, even though I knew we couldn't find it. Oh that is plagued with papers of failed dark matter experiments. They thought that, yes, it was like the neutrinos - now THOSE EXIST! - that pass directly through most matter, that's why the experiments with pools of "heavy water" deep in caves and wells and mine shafts, to filter out the other particles, and they are looking for dark matter as "WIMPS" - "weakly interacting massive particles", that, yes, pass right through us like neutrinos and pile up at the center of the earth. So neutrinos really should creep you out. They come from the sun though, that's our father/mother, so it's probably just feeding us, taking care of us. We don't know about any ill effects to humans from neutrinos, it's other kinds of ultraviolet radiation that cause mutation and skin cancer.

And I understand the connection between the dark matter and the spirit world, I too made that connection, there are invisible spirits surrounding us, and there is invisible dark matter surrounding us, maybe it's the same thing. Since I'm about to explain why I no longer believe in dark matter, let me be clear that I thoroughly believe in the spirit world, or the spirit worlds, indeed last night I did some adventuring and watched some dying, that I didn't directly cause but I did let happen, and that was in a spirit world, though now I don't locate the spirit world in dark matter, I locate it in the minds and inter-creature hive-mind existence of the mites inside me. the dreams more adventurous and more about that presence this week because after 16 weeks on the all raw vegetables diet I reintroduced carbs and have been totally getting away with it as far as ghost bugs, but the carbs did kinda pile up on me now I feel like I wanna fast for a couple of days, got that world of mites within me and when I dream I go into their reality, their sentient hive mind day to day adventurous existence. So I'm in the passenger seat in a large convertible, there are others in the back, and in the drivers seat is a father figure character. This is in the demon/spirit world of my carbohydrate infested dreams, so my father is just a powerful demon leader. So we are riding in the car, and there's some big spectacle on the side, a crash after scene or something big, and he is distracted, rubbernecking, I, in the passenger seat, look and see we are going off the road into a front yard and headed straight for a swimming pool, looks like a disaster but not deadly, and with a new,tacit, hate for my father in the spirit world, now that I know it's the bugs, I just let him go off the road, as, amazingly, he just keeps going off the road, through the yard, and we plunge into the pool (and this now feels so much like a typical deadly adventure in spirit world), and as we plunge the father figure falls out, and the car continues to propel sideways in the pool with the force of the crash, with now the father on the outside, well, the father's head gets trapped between the pool wall and the crashing car, and is crushed. I let it happen but I really didn't mean for it to be that bad, and then I knew it was a typical demon world dream.

And though they theorize dark matter WIMP's passing through us, I don't think so. Here's the picture that I came up with that makes sense for me.

They can't find the dark matter, 90% of the universe, and then ten years ago they realized that the universe really is flying apart, faster and faster, so there must be another component we can't see doing the OPPOSITE of what dark matter is doing, the dark matter holding things together and another mysterious unseen force, "dark energy" pushing things apart. What a mess the accepted picture of physics has become. They lost me.

I, along with the head physicist from University of Sarayevo, and many sceintists, realized there's no such thing as gravity. No invisible force in the ground pulling us down. Rather, all molecules push outward. Then what holds us down on the ground? keeps the planets and the sun round? causes the "voyager anomoly"? It's the other objects, all the other stars and planets and galaxies in the universe, they also have no gravity, they also push outward. That would explain everything. the other things pushing outward creates the effect of the "dark matter", it isn't dark, it's the hidden nature of the stuff we do see. And then there's no need for dark energy, cause this stuff we do see has been expanding, and replicating, and there's more and more pushing out, pushing things apart.

So yes, us shamans are in touch with the heavy force that weighs down upon all living creatures and indeed all matter and energy. In touch too with the opposite, the force of life and the force of love and the force of music, we push back against the "ytivarg" (opposite of newton's mystical "gravity"), and the shaman knows when the force is heavier or lighter. Heavier at new moon, lighter at full moon, for one thing. And yes, four seasons a year of super heavy ytivarg pushing down on us. And the worst of the four waves is in the spring. The spring that even shamans and mystical poets like tu fu can't resist, the flowers bloom, the hearts bloom, it's beautiful and the poets can't resist falling in love with it, that's the crashin g wave of dark matter at spring solstice, which is really bright baryons, not "dark matter" at all, it's the misunderstood real matter pushing outward and upon our heads. And it varies as the astrologcal symbols vary above our heads, the "hyperclock" of the universe spins, and the amount of dark matter crashing on our head changes, and it is the shaman who knows best when and how much is hitting, who is so sensitive as to feel the dark matter, the ytivarg variations, the "bullet rain" coming down on everyone.

Not today. Today's not such a bad day, not a bad dark matter rain today, kind of average to better than average, as my own perception and a survey of those around me seems to tell me.

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