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On the pill but no condom, scared i might be pregnant?!!?!?

i've been on the pill (loestrin 30) for about a year now, as i was put on it for having really bad period pains and heavy periods. i recently just started having sex with my boyfriend, and we started off using a condom but about five days ago discovered that it was much better for both of us if we didn't. i asked my friends if it was ok to only be using the pill as a method of birth control, and they all said that that is what they did anyway. i also called NHS direct and the woman said it was fine.

despite this, i am getting really paranoid that i might be pregnant. i've got a pain that feels like period cramps that is sometimes in my abdomen, and my arms also feel really achy. my breasts also seem to be a bit bigger than usual (though i dont know if i am just thinking that cus i'm paranoid, or maybe they are bigger but it is because i'm now sexually active when i wasn't before - apparently this can happen??) i dont know if maybe these 'symptoms' are simply psychological because i am worried? how long is it for actually pregnant women before they get bigger boobs etc - surely it cant just be a few days?!

i also stop taking the pill on sunday and have a break for a week in which i am meant to get my period so maybe i could just be getting premature cramps?

i feel really scared and just came here for some support really. i dont really have anyone to talk to because i cant tell my mum and i am only 18. what should i do?! how long do i have to wait before i have a pregnancy test?
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replied March 7th, 2013
I have never been pregnant but im guessing that ur just paranoid like u said and that everything will be fine... After i started birth control i started getting pre-cramps(thats wat i call them) i get them about a week before my period starts and ur boobs might be bigger idk if boobs stop growing or not but im sure everything is fine just take deep breaths and a bubble bath to relax maybe drink hot chocolate or coffe or tea something too calm u down because everything will be ok no matter wat happens
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