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on oral contraceptive pills and stopped

Hi I just need your views regarding my issue.
I am on oral contraceptive pills and when i had my period, i stopped it.
My period started last october 17 and ended last october 23...
Now as per my counting, my ovulation dated will be one november 3 and my 1st day of fertility was october 29.. on the 29th, me and my boyfriend had unprotected s**, do you think i could be pregnant? can i still continue my pills?
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replied October 31st, 2016
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What do you mean you stopped the pills?

Did you not take the 7 period week pills? This is not a problem.

Did you take the 21 active pills leading up to this week? If so you were protected during your period.

Did you start your next pack of pills at the end of the 7 day period week? If so, you are safe

If you did not restart the pills, you may get pregnant. It is however not possible to determine when you ovulate. Ovulation and period calculators assumes that you are or were not on birth control pills recently. Birth control pills works by interrupting your cycles, stopping ovulation altogether. When you stop the pills, your body must restart its cycle. Nobody can predict when or how thios will happen.

YES, if you are going to have unprotected sex, take your pills. Remember that you need to take 7 before they protect you. Pills will not harm you or a baby if you are indeed pregnant. We stop taking pills when we can confirm we are pregnant because it makes no sense taking the pill when you are pregnant, and we try to keep the baby as healthy as possible. But taking the pill until you can confirm you are pregnant will not harm anything.
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