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on meds for 6 days, dont feel better. i feel insane!

i am a 17 year old boy, senior grade in highschool. ever since a kid ive been a normal person, strait A student, and socially healthy. In my last year of highschool, I started to get bad migraines in october (stress headaches) that are really painful. they wont go away. I've learned to live with them but ive misssed 8 weeks of school now. im failing every class. i became depressed, lost all of my friends. even my parents seem to hate me, and my brother. ive visited several doctors in the past 2 months, a neurologist and a psychiatrist. Ive even been to the ER and it only helped temporarily, but the hospital traumatizes me. the headache medication didnt help so now i am on heavy anti-depressants. my parents are mad at me because they are worried my life could be down the drain.
ive been on an anti-depressant for 6 days now. i dont feel any better, and in fact ive gone insane. I throw huge rage attacks, destroy things, hit my parents. every day is a battle to get to school.
during thanksgiving my headaches went away because i was happy that my family came over and i felt no stress. it is now sunday, the day before school, and i am very sick with a cold, have a bad migraine, and am super worried and depressed. I dont even think my parents believe i actually get headaches anymore.
the reason i am posting this is because i need help. i feel like i have nobody in my life. during dinner just now my whole family turned against me, while im sick and have a migraine. i went to go search online for the easiest way to suicide, instead i went on here.
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replied November 29th, 2012
Anyone have something to say? Anxiously waiting for someone with a warm heart to provide any words you have to say...
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