Hello. I had a car accident in march 1996 when I was 22 years old. I was life flighted to a hospital where I had two emergeny surgeries, one was for internal injuries and the other was to do an experimental reconstructive surgery on my right pelvis due to being completely fractured from impact with the ground when ejected 100 feet out my back hatch window. In this surgery they used titanium plates and screws. It healed better than expected and I was even able to walk again! The drs. believed I would be paralyzed from waist down. I had gone back to work part time this last year, first time since the accident, due to my husband passing and having no choice. Anyways, I noticed a small hole in the surgery scar above where one of the screws had been placed. This hole has some slight pinkness around the edges and then started to leek a yellow white clear fluid. Almost like a zit. Slight swelling comes and goes along with some slight burning feeling. It has been months and it is still there and oozing off and on. Now I noticed a reddish tinging to this liquid. What could be the cause? And is this common? I have gone to my local emergency room and they tell me nothings wrong but I feel this isnt normal....
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