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Old root canal shows Bone loss at root tip. Active Infection?

Looking for a second opinion here.

(Would like to show some pictures, but Can't find a way to attach X-ray pictures to posts and I'm not sure if it is permitted to link to these pictures off site)

I have 2 X-rays of an old root canal pre-molar that was performed by another dentist 5 years ago due to an excruciatingly painful abscess at the time.

The first X-ray done a year ago shows a picture of when part of the crown of the tooth came off (Where I came in for an emergency appointment) and just before I got that filled back up.
The second X-ray done a week ago shows a picture of the same tooth (with it filled back up).

Both apparently shows bone loss at the root tip, My dentist believes it's infected and is pushing me to have it extracted, However, I do not experience any pain with it.

She did tap that teeth and the surround teeth with a dental instrument. There was some mild sensation of tenderness with that tooth specifically, but nothing painful. It was mentioned that this is a sign that of a root infection. If that's the case, then it's obviously been lurking there for at least over a year (probably much longer), but does not appear to have moved or grown in anyway or caused me many noticeable symptoms.

Is this really an active infection or just a hole from an old abscess? I would have thought that if was all infected and pussed, that it would show up as being darker than the surrounding area.

Any opinions appreciated. Many thanks.
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