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olanzapine what harm is it doing to him?

my boyfriend takes olanzapine to receive a sickness benefit but is not schizophrenic or bipolar, what harm is it doing to him?
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replied August 14th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

Olanzapine (Zyprexa) is a neuroleptic drug, used to treat psychotic disorders and bipolar disorder. Olanzapine can cause tardive dyskinesia (uncontrolled movements, facial grimaces) and rare, but life-threatening, neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Similar to other antipsychotics, prolonged use is often associated with permanent brain damage. Neuroleptics are also known to cause painful neck spasms or torticollis when taken by young patients in a high, one time dose.

Other recognised side effects may include:
- akathisia; inability to remain still (restlessness)
- dry mouth
- dizziness
- irritability
- sedation
- insomnia
- constipation
- urinary retention
- orthostatic hypotension
- weight gain
- increased appetite
- runny nose
- impaired judgment, thinking, and motor skills
- impaired spatial orientation
- impaired responses to senses
- seizures
- trouble swallowing
- dental problems and discoloration of teeth
- missed periods
- problems with keeping body temperature regulated
- apathy, lack of emotion
- endocrine side effects have included hyperprolactinemia, hyperglycemia, and
diabetes mellitus
- brain zaps
- auditory hallucinations
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