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Ok Im confused...need some help 6 days late!

Ok I'm new here but I am 6 days late, my last period was 1-8-11, we had sex on 1-22-11, I was in my ovulation stage then, I was supposed to start my period on 2-4-11 I haven't started took a test today came out neg.

I am VARY regular, AND I keep well track of my period and ovulation days (I have a app on my phone that keeps track of my period days and ovulation days)

I have slight discomfort, boobs are sore, and have white discharge, I did have a white/pinkish discharge about a hour ago, but that was a little amount and only once.

I would technically only be almost 3 weeks along, am I pregnant and my hormone levels just are not high enough to trigger a home pregnancy test??
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replied March 31st, 2011
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