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Hello, my girlfriend and I think she may be pregnant.
Here are the hard facts:
We had unprotected sex (July 4th) using withdrawal method. (Withdrawal was well before I ejaculated, which we planned.) Some sperm may have gotten into her vagina though.
She is showing no signs of pregnancy, e.g. no soreness in breasts, no fatigue, no constant desire/necessity to urinate, etc. But she has not had her period yet, and it is late by about 1-3 days.
She recently had oral surgery, around July 13th, with general anesthesia and antibiotics along with pain killers.
Her regular cycle is around 28 days, her last period was June 25th-27th.
We plan to get a pregnancy test by Aug. 1st, but before then we are waiting to see if she gets her period.
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replied July 27th, 2011
my thought is it could be numerous things, the surgery and pain killers could possibly throw off her period.
she could just be late due to a cycle change. I would actually wait 2 weeks until after she was supposed to have her period to buy a pregnancy test. yes, its a tough wait, i know, but you never know.
just remember thought, always use protection. Pull out method never is safe.
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