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odd sleep patterns

Hello everyone. I just joined & this is my first post. As you can see from my title, my BF has some really odd sleeping habits/patterns. It can be one or all of theses things all in one night. It starts out as him going to sleep then at some point he starts to slide off of the bed in a praying position-on his knees, arms folded-asleep. Then I will wake up and tell him to get back onto the bed and he will sleep on his back for a while then somewhow he will scoot to the edge of the bed, with his head by my stomach and his legs propped up onto the wall-almost in an "L" formation. I will tell him to get back onto the bed and he will sleep on his back again for a while. He will then start to turn over onto his stomach and prop himself up onto his elbows (picture a praying position, but on your stomach) with his head resting on or in his hands.

It's becoming very frustrating for him because he's not getting a good night's sleep and his back and/or knees are hurting him in the morning. At first we thought it was a side effect of taking Cymbalta, but he is no longer taking it and all of this is still happening.

If this has happened to anyone, I'd appreciate you sharing your experience. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Take care & hope to hear from some of you! 4you
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