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Odd cold symptoms, stools are YELLOW

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I plan to go to the doctor but I just need some comfort I guess.Or just to know what to expect.I just want to have an open mind here and not be totally in the dark because I'm very stressed..It started as I had random cold like symptoms..keep in mind I had a cold a few weeks ago..and I ended up getting sick again but the cold symptoms being sore throat and stuffy nose along with belly pain..the throat and stuffy nose went away in about a day...but the stomach pain remained..It was around my mid cycle that I got this cold...I bleed for the first time during my mid cycle..very slight but that was odd..I heard that could have had to do with my hormones being out of whack..but now the belly pain I had remains and I feel very weak as of tonight but I think that is my nerves causing that.My stools are YELLOW as well and from what I have read online is really scary..I'm in good health..only issue is I eat a lot of peanut butter and bannanas..but no bad sugars and fried foods or anything..I'm only 17 and I have pcos..not sure if that would help this answer at all..Is it a iron issue? other hormone issue? cancer? please also take note of it happening around my mid cycle and me getting a cold around my mid cycle along with the first time having small pink bleeding during the mid cycle.
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replied December 11th, 2014
Did you consult a doctor?
I would advice you to visit doctor if you are still suffering from the problem.
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