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October Is All About Pink

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Most of the people get confused about what exactly the breast cancer logo is? There are different logos but universally recognized logo is an open looped pink ribbon that symbolizes the fight to beat breast cancer. This symbol has been used since early 90’s. Wearing pink ribbon indicates that we have joined the fight against breast cancer.
This pink ribbon is not only a piece of ribbon rather it is a declaration and a source of motivation. Pink is used for this important cause as it is a indicate health and freshness. There are a lot of pink products on the market with breast cancer logo on them to promote awareness.
You can choose any product like pink dress, shoes, jewellery, bag, kitchen accessories, key chains, bookmarks etc. You can present these products to your mom, sister, aunt, friend, aunt or any of your love ones. It will indicate that you value them and the importance of being aware as well. They will get awareness and help others in promotion of awareness. The use of pink color shows your attitude to win and motivates others to be the part of this war against breast cancer. Many people buy pink products to contribute in fund raising campaigns working to support the victims of this cancer.

Make others pink:

In this month you need to make others pink by educating about the disease and methods to make early detection probable. Breast cancer is a silent killer so you should take care of your bodies to fight this killer. Self examination helps you to take care of your body and it is the way to catch the unusual changes which may lead to breast cancer at later stage.
It enhances your breast cancer awareness and you become familiar with normal feel and look of breasts. When something disturbs your normal structure you become alert and take action to prevent that. If you have the knowledge of breast cancer symptoms and normal changes it would be easier for you to notice abnormal changes.
During self examination if you feel something is wrong don’t hesitate to take action against it and consult your doctor. Be courageous and find out the reason of unusual changes by going through the diagnostic procedure. It’s time to show strength, courage and hope in fight against breast cancer. Hope and struggle to win can help you a lot to win the war.
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