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I'm wondering if anyone else can shed some light on a particular behavior I have noticed with my 71 year old mother. She loves to shop which is her business, but she returns 90% of what she purchases. She tries on clothes, loves them and then the next day she returns them to the store. It's not just clothes, it's food from the grocery store, furniture..It's almost like she obsessing on everything she purchases and then decides she doesn't like it and returns it to the store. My family has always joked about this over the years but I've noticed that now that she's a widow and doesn't have my father to care for anymore, all she wants to do is shop. It's gotten so bad that when I went to the grocery store with her she made me return her product for her as she hid on the other side of the store because she was embarrassed for returning so many items. Sometimes she even goes back and purchases the items again after returning them. I told her today that she had a real problem and she admitted it and just laughed it off. I know she would never go for counseling or anything like that. She's very stubborn, but I'm just wondering what this is..Is there a name for this type of condition or is it a type of OCD? Also, this is not something new, she's always done this. I look forward to your replies.
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replied September 28th, 2009
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Hi there.

This is just my opinion:
Sounds like she is addicted to shopping. I believe I read somewhere that even though she is returning everything, it means the same thing - like people who shop and fill their houses up with so much junk that still has the price tags. It's good that she is returning it, she probably finds walking down the isles relaxing and then when she gets home realizes what she's done and returns it all. There's a good chance she notices what she's doing too but just keeps doing it.

Idk, kind of think of myself with this - I used retail therapy a bit too much, it became as common as having 'one more cigarette' just 'run to the store for a minute'. Only, I didn't return the junk I bought. Wasted a lot of money. ...

I hope you can find out a way to help her. Whatever the reason for her actions, I hope she is able to alter this shopping issue.

Best of luck. Smile
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