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OCD or schizophrenia symptoms ?

Ok, so Im kind of wondering what this means. Its really a bunch of things that i suspect of myself...and Ive never been to a doctor/therapist.

So i think that i have ocd but im not sure. I check things a million times over. Like, if anyone is outside my window, if theres any bees in my room, if theres any ticks from my dog in my bed...etc. And i have this routine that i cant seem to break. I have halucinations a lot, so I'll see something in the dark, and i think i can actually feel its presence. So, Ill shut off anything that can make a noise, and shut off my lights in a certain way after im done. Theres a certain way things go in my room, which wouldnt make sense to anyone but me. When im in a car, i have to tap my fingers to the lines on the road or else it drives me crazy.

And by just worrying about this makes me think i have a chance of being a hypocondriac. My mother is one, and im not sure if thats genetic? my mother also has schizophrenia, but I dont know how long it might take for further signs than i already have to appear. I see things, and i know FOR SURE that theyre there. I hear things on a daily basis that no one else can, and i believe that i have premonitions. I believe i can contact the dead via Ouija board, thoughts, writing in the air with my fingers, and speaking out loud.
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replied June 22nd, 2008
whats going on
me and my husband has been married for 2 years we have been trying for about 2 1/2 years now. i was told that i have endometriosis avout the same time we got married. i havnt had a period for 3 months and 2 test were negtive. i didnt know if i could still be pregnant and or if the endometriosis is what is making me so late.
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replied June 23rd, 2008
Extremely eHealthy

I encourage you to get to a psychiatrist soon. You have a family history of mental disorders and you are describing some symptoms of a mental disorder. It would be beneficial to you to have an evaluation done by a psychiatrist. Many mental disorders will progress when not treated. I hope you will see a professional.
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