Have been to the same Urologist twice complaining of the same problem, see below. She has taken several X-Rays and could not find any kidney stones. She said it may have something to do with a nerve in my back.
Pain scale 1 to 10, (10 really bad).
My symptoms: When I have a sudden urge to urinate I get a, #3, pain in my back left side about two inches below my bottom rib. If I attempt to urinate I get a, #8, very sharp pain in the exact same area. What is strange, sometimes when I run water or sometimes when taking a shower I occasionally get the sharp pain and will dribble urine.
However, when I get a normal urge to urinate and urinate there is no pain. There is no pain when I get up during the night to urinate.
Would appreciate any opinion.
Thank You,
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replied February 18th, 2014
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When my friend was crawling around the floor of his hospital room in agony (in spite of morphine injections) suffering from a kidney stone, his girlfriend's mother remarked at least his kidney stones showed up on x-ray. She went on to say her husband suffered from a type of kidney stone that didn't show on normal x-rays and twice his pain had confounded the local hospital until someone had been found who had experience of this quite rare type of stone.

While it is possible your problem could be that type of kidney stone, a urine infection or even a psychosomatic thing, I feel it could be significant that you have no trouble after a period of laying down or if you are relaxed and without urgency when you need to urinate.

This does tend to indicate your problem could be related to or aggravated by a back problem. Damage or wear of the spine can apply pressure to nerves with the potential to cause a host of problems of function and ghost pain.

A visit to a good osteopath might provide further information, though a period of traction is probably what is needed if the trouble is your back.
Traction used to be a standard treatment but now is little used in the west as it doesn't represent cost-effective treatment and it does tent to create another set of potential problems.

Good luck!
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