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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Schizophrenia?

Hello everybody,

I have a question that i hope may be answered and i'm sure everyone will be able to give me their best and honest opinions. So here we go.

In around october-november i had gotten salmonella food poisoning and i was having a really hard time breathing and heart problems. I went to the hospital twice and when i came out i started feeling like i was as good as new.

The next night, when i went to sleep i vaguely remember waking up from an insignificant dream about a man in a coat and i couldn't see his face, boom, end of dream. After that, i have no idea where it came from but i have had this intense problem with sleeping in the same room and especially bed as a family member or friend in fear that i will hurt someone in my sleep. Once again i have never had these problems at all. I currently always sleep alone and wake up in a good mood. But my fear is when i am forced to sleep in the same room as someone.

So my question is: am i just being paranoid or is this something i should get checked out? What can my "condition" be classified as and is it likely at ALL that i can hurt someone without intentions in my sleep? I have never been sad and never had any problems such as these in my life. I hope someone can get back to me soon on this. I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you very much!!!!
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