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Obsessive and Jealous friend ?

HI, I have a neighbor who has a crush on me..Im married and have children and my neighbor wont leave me alone..He stalks me, monitors where and I go..whose with me..calls/texts and emails me constantly and confessed that he is in love with me and "will have me no matter what" Im scared to death..He got mad at me the other night because I was going out to a friends house..He wanted to spend time with me and was mad because I had other plans..he then came down to my house and told me I had to take him to the hospital because he had overdosed on pills..I got upset and he then threatened to take the whole bottle..I took him to the hospital and they kept him in there for a evaluation but hes still calling and texting..saying weird stuff like we were meant to be together and when I try and tell him that Im only his friend and that Im happily married he twists what ever I say into what he wants to hear.. Im scared, I dont know how to deal with this person anymore.. and Im to the point where I may have to call the police to get him to stop..Im also scared that he will comitt suicide and then it will make me feel like it was my fault..what do I do??
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replied March 18th, 2009
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No matter what you are in danger. Tell your husband of the problem, and then contact a laywer and the police. Maybe the police first to get a restraining order.

You are in danger. He is a stalker, and it is escalting. You need to move quickly. I hope you have not been waiting too long for a reply.

But, get as many people to help you, and inform them of your situation. The more people you can get to help you the better.

I fear for you. Your problem is serious. In the meatime do not play into this guy's game. He is not going to comitt suicide, and if he does, it is not your fault. Protect, you and your husband, and your family. Do not worry about him and his well being. Keep him away from you.
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replied May 11th, 2009
it sounds like he has a mental problem. does he have family? there's nothing you can do he is picturing in his head "you and him".
you have to tell your husband, someone about what's going on. b/c this guy might want to kill you to keep you away from your husband. you never know the mind of a crazy person.
i would get my # changed. you have to ignore him completely. i would try to contact his family.
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