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I am Preeti.
My age-42yrs,wt:85Kg,Ht-5"5
Iam doing exercises to tone up my body and loose weight.
I want to ask why I am facing acidity and indigestion problems.
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replied August 12th, 2011
Hi Preeti,
Perhaps, it's not enough to do exercises only; it's necessary to have a special diet plan and etc BUT personal for you (according to your weight, age etc). I heard that now is opening a new service, which can build for you a dynamic plan of your health and may be it can help you to feel better.
Good luck!
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replied September 5th, 2011
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There are many home remedies for acidity control, it is good to go for such treatment as they are safe and effective. Avoid chemical/medical treatments as it creates a bundle of other health problems.
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replied October 21st, 2011
yes, true....try kitchen recipes for acidity....ginger boiled in water and add lemon....honey or sugar if u wish....try for a few days ..will help to reduce weight as well as the acidity problem
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