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Nuvaring fell out

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My girlfriend has been on Nuvaring for a few months now. The following days/dates are hypothetical for example's sake but nonetheless the timing that I am explaining is correct. My girlfriend finished her period as normal and inserted a new ring on Sunday. The following days we had sex everyday up to and including Wednesday but not since then. On Monday we spoke and she told me she noticed her ring had fallen out. Should could not locate it and was not certain when it may have fallen out. I know for a fact it was in on Wednesday, the last time we had sex, because I could feel it. She told me she spoke with her doctor and was told to not insert a new ring until it was her regular time to insert another (basically three weeks later). In the meantime she says she was also told by her doctor not to take a pregnancy test because given the situation with it falling out, the results could yield a false positive thus being unreliable.
My question is does this information she says she was given by her doctor sound correct? I know she wants children and I don't; I do not want her to have some crazy idea of trapping me into a child and using this as an excuse to not be on birth control. I also know (correct me if I'm wrong) that sperm can live in the fallopian tubes for up to three days waiting for an egg to drop. What are her chances of her getting pregnant in this situation? We have not had sex since that Wednesday that I mention and I don't intend to until I am clear on the situation.
She mentioned her doctor also told her to wait until the last day of what would have been her normal cycle date (Aug. 22nd) to take a pregnancy test that would yield any type of accuracy. Does this sound like true advice also? I have not heard any of this directly from her doctor; it has only been relayed to me through my girlfriend so that's why I am questioning these statements.
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replied August 10th, 2009
NuvaRing can only be out 4 hours before u can get pregnant. so its a good chance she can get pregnant if it was out for more then 4 hours and you had unprotected sex
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