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Nuva Ring slipping during bowel movement

Anyone with Nuva Ring experience please help! I have just started the Nuva Ring about 1 week ago. I switched to a new form of BC because I used to be on the Marvelon pill and it caused me to be extremley moody and depressed. What appealed to me with the ring is that it is such a low dose and you do not have to worry about taking a pill everyday. I had some problems though when it comes to putting it in. I tried using my finger to insert it but it did not seem like it would go in far enough. After reading some other posts I even tried putting it in a cardboard tampon applicator and putting it in that way. This way seemed to work at first as I didn't feel it at all. However, everytime I make a Bowel Movement (Poop), it SLIPS DOWN AND POKES OUT A BIT and i have to try to push it back up. I know it says in the instructions if you strain to hard on a BM that it could come out, though I am not overly straining when I make my BM's ( normal pushing that is reqired to make a BM) and seems to keep coming out a bit. I am wondering if i have it in right, when it seems that i have put it in as far as i can push it??! Does it go higher then a tampon would go? Why does it slip? PLEASE HELP!
ps. (i have tried all the postions such as laying down even to push it up high enough)
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replied September 20th, 2009
Especially eHealthy
It happens from time to time. You might be more prone to it. If it bothers you, you should talk to your doctor. There are also other very low dose pills available.

You could try to put some personal lubricant on your finger when you put it in or push it back in. It is fine as long as you know it is coming out. You will have problems if it comes out without you realizing it.

Best of luck!!
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