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Nutrition help for PMS?

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I get really bad PMS. Does anybody have any advice on how to alleviate it (without medication)?

My cycles are not always the same length - they vary between 32 and 42 days. Not too long after I ovulate, the PMS symptoms kick in. PMS usually lasts for 10-14 days before I get my period, getting progressively worse, and ease up almost as soon as I start bleeding. My period lasts about 3 days.

The PMS symptoms I have are:
-very irritable/angry
-very painful breasts
-very down/sad
-cry easily, at both bad & good things
-no motivation to get anything done
-forgetful/can't think clearly
-nauseous stomach (not vomiting)

There are other symptoms I have, too, that I am not thinking of right now. My husband could probably tell you, lol! The worst ones are the irritability and feeling down. I have heard that what you eat/don't eat can affect PMS. I already am on a pretty strict diet but I hope someone has some advice I can incorporate to make PMS easier on myself and everybody around me, lol! No medication suggestions (except vitamins perhaps) please.

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