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numbness , tingling in hands and feet

I posted in the skin forum for a reason, but bear with me while I explain it all.

For years, I've had occasional tingling in my hands and feet. In my feet, it can be anywhere on one or both feet, almost like a pins and needles sensation that appears randomly and goes away in anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. It's not severe enough to affect activity at all, but enough to notice.

My hands, it mimics (and may well be) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Sometimes a tingling at the fingertips (often just ONE finger or the thumb), can happen in one or both hands, or on the pinky side of my hand near the base of the palm, a numbness/pain sensation, and sometimes (mostly in the right hand) pain across the palm. Again, it's sporadic, usually just lasts a few hours unless I'm doing something more intense like when I installed a laminate floor in my kitchen a few months ago, and in those cases it can hurt almost enough to make it hard to do things, but 99% of the time, it's mild or non-existent.

I'd guess carpal tunnel if it weren't in my feet too - but perhaps it's 2 seperate things?? Peripheral neuropathy also comes to mind.

What complicates things is this - and it may or may not be related. I have been developing brownish discoloration spots on the top of both feet (and a little on my left leg under the knee) the last year or so - no pain, no itching, it's not "raised up" it's literally just a darker skin color. And my left arm has similar spots, but they're red and the spots are on the hair follicles.

I don't have any other pain, fatigue, or other symptoms that would seem to point to something like MS...but as I am overweight I worry about diabetes. However, I have read that tingling in the extremeties in Type 2 Diabetes usually shows up years after diagnosis...and I've never been diagnosed.

Ideas? Sometimes I think I over worry and sometimes I think I have a rare killer disease.
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replied March 20th, 2010
More info: What about some type of arthritis? RA or something? I also get a pop/crack in my right knee (which also hurts at times) and both feet tend to crack a lot and the bones seem to "rub" at times.
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replied March 21st, 2010
This forum is useless...NO replies all weekend? Sheesh.
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