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numbness\restless feeling in feet.

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I'll try to be as descriptive as possible and try not to confuse things too much.

First I have pretty much always had a restless\uncomfortable sensation in my legs. I also think I might have a cold whether related injury in my feet especially the 2 middle toes of my left foot (whenever my feet are cold those 2 toes get really numb\cold and it takes a while to warm them up). I think this might have happened one day in winter when I was a kid.

Recently (the past 3 months or so) I have been doing a lot of work were I am crouching on the balls of my feet. This has exacerbated the restlessness in my legs, caused some mild soreness in my feet, and I feel the numbness in my toes more now- sometimes when they aren't even that cold.

I'm worried about blood flow to my feet. I'm not remotely overweight and actually kind of skinny so i don't see how the weight of my body would be causing so much soreness\discomfort.

I bought some shoe inserts which felt a little better, but didn't solve the numbness\discomfort. I have also soaked my feet in epsom salt which was nice, but again did not absolve me of my discomfort.

Should I be worried about this? Also, if it is at all helpful my feet are pretty flat as well. Its not debilitating but I do have a pretty low arch.

Thanks for any help.
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