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At least once a month for the past year i have been losing vision in either my left or right eye. This goes on for up to half an hour then it goes away and starting at my hand, of the same side of my body that i lost vision of my eye, goes numb and progress up my arm to my face, tongue and mouth.

My mom told me that i was a migraine but i never got the headache.

Now my whole body goes numb, but not completely, i can still feel things but not as well and im all tingly. I also get this way when im sleeping but when i get up im fine.

Does this make sense? Does anyone know anything about this?
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replied March 17th, 2009
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You mum has right.
What you have been experiencing for the past year, are typical neurological symptoms of migraine aura.
They develop gradually over 5–20 minutes and last for less than 60 minutes, including temporary vision loss, a pins-and-needles feeling on one side of the face or body followed by numbness, or numbness without the tingling.
You may have speech problems, confusion, and weakness on one side.
Small percent of migraine sufferers have the aura without any subsequent headache.

Best wishes!
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