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Numbness in feet associated with back pain?

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I start physical therapy tomorrow for some back pain that I've been having recently. I recently posted about this but forgot to ask about the numbness and tingling in my feet. I couldn't find my previous post so I figured I would just make a new one.

The pain is in my middle and lower back. It's like a pressure and it sometimes burns. There are times when the pain seems to radiate down into the very upper part of my butt.

My concern though is that when my doctor had me do some stretches, my feet completely go numb. I'm not sure what could be causing that. Are their specific tests that could diagnose what that is? Or is it something that my physical therapist will know the cause of.

Basically, I know next to nothing about back pain, physical therapy, or anything of the like. I'm a 21 year old broke college student and I'm freaking out about the pain that I've been having for about a year. Please help.
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replied December 15th, 2012
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My concern though is that when my doctor had me do some stretches, my feet completely go numb. I'm not sure what could be causing that.

Disc almost always herniate towards the rear. So if you bend forwards, the disc will bulge more to the rear even more and hit the nerves that go to your legs or feet. Foot symptoms are caused by pressure on the nerves lower in your back like L4 / L5.
You may not have pain in your lower back if there is no inflammation, but the disc could still be hitting a nerve and give you the foot symptoms.

You need to get the disc moving forwards and back into place. You have 2 ways of doing this:

To put the curve back into your lower back try one of these 2 exercises:
NOTE: Discs move 1mm in 3 minutes. So you may need to hold these for at least that long for the disc to move back into place.

1a) "Static extension on elbows" (Do a Google search)
- To get your shoulders pulled back as well, pinch your shoulders together.
--- or ---
1b) "Static back 90-90 position" (Do a Google search)
- Put a rolled up towel -or- 2 soft foam balls under your lower back just below your beltline.

If you get the arch into your lower back and still have problems then there is a twist caused by an imbalance of the deep rotator muscles in your hips. These 3 exercises are a place to start:

To stretch your hips:
2a) "KNEELING LUNGE STRETCH" (Do a Google search)
2b) "STANDING LUNGE STRETCH" (Do a Google search)
- Front leg up on a step of chair will give a better front-of-hip stretch.
2c) "Supine Groin Stretch" (Do a Google search)
- This is the most gentle stretch for your hips but it can take 20 minutes for the muscles to let go.

Engage your inner thigh muscles with the
3) "SEATED PILLOW SQUEEZE E-CISE" (Do a Google search)


a) Sit at the edge of a low step so your thighs are parallel to the ground.
b) Wrap a belt or Yoga strap around your thighs just ABOVE your knees.
c) Press outwards against the strap for 2 seconds. Repeat 20 times.
- Let your abs relax and your hips rotate forwards, putting an arch into your lower back.
- Do NOT let your feet roll in. Keep weight on the outer edges of your feet and off the balls of your feet.

Being VERY CAREFUL to note and twisting in your hips while you do these.
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