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Numbness in face, chest, and hands

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I have been looking around online for answers myself, and it seemed to lead down to MS and lyme (God forbid). I have been very stressed about school exams for the past few days (exams are next week) plus the amount that's on my plate right now is a big overwhelming. Last night I had a huge adrenaline rush over an argument with a friend, and I set off to get a coffee which had four shots of syrup and four shots of espresso to get me through a few more hours for studying. Right around 11pm my temples began to "numb", spreading down to around my eye sockest and cheekbones. I found that sleeping on the numb parts dulled the senses a bit, but it was a feeling like bugs crawling all over my skin. After a while, my chest started feeling the same way: numb and constricted. I thought I was going to stop breathing altogether if I fell asleep.

I had little rest that night and woke up this morning feeling very nauseous. This time, my hands were numb (wrist down). I sat up for about two hours, waiting to vomit but nothing happened. I finally got up and had some congee (soupy rice). Things are feeling not too bad right now.

I am terrified that this will happen again. I have read online about similar things and people say it might be MS or lyme (god forbid knock on wood). Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you so much,

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replied May 14th, 2011
Hmmm...Huge adrenaline rush? Overwhelming stress? Numbness and prickly sensations? Sounds like panic attacks to me. MS is pretty rare. See the neurologist if you're uncertain. It'll put your mind at ease.
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