Since ten days I have started to feel that my thumb, and index are getting numb during the night. then my middle and ring fingers joined in. the numbness is not continuous and only at night. in the fifth day, a burning and painful feeling are felt until the elbow (again not continuous and only in one night). after that the numbness, burning, needles, and pain feeling remained with my left fingers and hand (not continuous and only at night). in the sixth day i started to feel a numbness in the tip of my fingers during the day. last night there was no pain but my left hand was stiff. when i woke up this morning, i bent my fingers with difficulty and the ring finger started to snap. now during office work, numbness is in all four fingers and when i bend them only my ring finger hurt a bit.

It would be very nice if i can get a reply from a specialist doctor.

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replied February 6th, 2010
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i had carpel tunnel syndrome and it sounds like what you might have. when i had it i found that resting the hand helped calm the nerves. how about seeing ortho surgeon for diagnosis. ....pete
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