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Numbness between waist and knees after back surgery

My husband fell 16ft out of a tree he was cuttng and fx'd his back. He sustaind a burst fx of the L4 vertebra on Dec 22nd 2009.

On Dec 23rd he underwent surgery at Vanderbilt Med Ctr to fix the fx. From what we were told the surgeon remove the pieces of the vertebra. He then crushed the pieces and put them in with some Osteofill to make a paste and molded him a new vertebra. A piece of the vertebra punctured his spinal column and it was leaking fluid but the surgeon did repair that during surgery. He then used rods and screws and tied it all together from L3 to L5.

He is completely mobile and able to walk, urinate and his bowels move. He has not had any headaches post op.

We are 1 month post op and he is experiencing numbness between his waist and knees in the thigh area. Is that to be expected? Our follow up with the neurosurgeon isn't until 8 weeks post op so we have not seen the surgeon at all. Do we need to go in to see him before the 8 weeks?
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replied January 21st, 2010
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