Ok so for the last few days my left testicle has been feeling a bit uncomfortable and it's been noticeable (whereas usually I go about my day forgetting they're there). I have varicocele's on that side and I've now noticed that my left testicle is feeling kind of numb - in the sense that I cant really feel any pain when I tap it.

I can ejaculate fine without pain, however this same testicle ascended quite high when I did so the other day.

Does anyone have any advice as I'm starting to get a little worried about it now. I'm 21, in good health etc.

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replied March 14th, 2014
Also I had a torsion about 6 years ago which I think I was on my left side (same as the one causing this problem now) but that was all sorted. ANDDDDD come to think of it I do get a bit more discomfort prior to bowel movement.
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