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Numb penis no sensation can't feel anything

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Numb penis,no good feeling when masturbating causing several problems, please help

Ok, here is the full story:,

When I began masturbating, I was aroudn 13. I am currently 15. I discovered masturbation due to stories and guides on the internet. When I started, I was confused that I couldnt feel any sensation and I wondered why people did this. Then when I was close to an orgasm, for tens of times I couldnt hold it since the feeling was too intense. Then I gradually learned to hold an orgasm. Anyway, back to masturbation. As I said, I couldnt feel anything when I was masturbating, at first I thought this was because I was "doing it wrong". I tried with different techniques, nothing helped. So I began to come to the conclusion of if I wait a while before masturbating, it will feel better. So a week passed, nothing. Still couldnt feel anything. Another thought came into my head, what if I masturbate only when im really feeling horny. Nothing. It began to get frustrating, I masturbated more often, hoping it would feel good, or at least I would feel satisfied after. I never did. Now, after having an orgasm, I dont feel good, satisfied or happy. I dont feel anything, physically or mentally. Whats strange is that, even though I have an exstreamly numb penis and cant feel anything whilst masturbating, I still have an orgasm in around 50 seconds. Which is more instence on some good days.

Please help me, its really frustrating. Loads of websites I have tried havnt even answered with question. It annoying and depressing. What if it carries on forever, and I will never enjoy sex.. The only thread of hope I have is maybe it will feel nicer when im actually having sex, but I dont know..

Pleaseeeeeee help me if you can Sad
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replied November 24th, 2010
IMO don't worry' plenty of time for these things to be resolved, as you get a little older, maybe 12 months imo!
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