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Hi All

I have a few medical issues going on that i am trying to get a dx for but this numb patch i feel is a separate issues. Can anybody tell me what could cause a numb patch that started off as a thub size is now 2 mths later grown to a size of a dinner plate and growing!!

It is completely numb never comes back can stick a pin in it and nothing!! but recently the skin around the edge of the numb patch has become super sensitive even cloths hurt it i cant lay that size either and although numb it hurts to a degree if that makes sense.

I have had a few test as they thought i had MS but nothing reported and in 2007 i had a full spine mri and nothing but not had a mri since do you think this could be a disc pressing on a nerve although i have no back pain as such its stiff and have had mild lower back pain for yrs due to being a auxilary nurse and lifting patients but nothing majour or do you think this could be tied into all my other sx going on?? am due to see a neuro in london at queens hospital when i get a appointment.

any advise welcome
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